Now Available! Suzanne Moulton's wonderful handmade sock animals

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Tracy stopped by Poetica and was greeted with a whole collection of adorable handmade creatures.   She dove in and enjoyed them all.  By the time she left she had her favorites too. 

I am pleased as pudding to share this wonderful collection of handmade critters with you.   They are each made from scratch.   It is Suzanne Moulton's respect for the animal kingdom combined with her thoughtful approach to sculpture, painting and textile arts that makes each one possible. They each come with a special adoption certificate too.  

Red Panda, Red Fox, Long eared Bat, South American Ant Eater, Greater Glider ( little marsupial from Australia), ring tailed Lemur, Argyle Crocodile, Argyle Giraffe and Argyle Winged Rabbit.  Made from socks with vintage button eyes, felt, $75. each.  

Pescadero Barn Sale! Find Poetica* on Stage Road. 7/18 9-4pm

by Traci Teraoka

I had an itch to get out of SF (since its summer and all) and Yet I still wanted to 'be open.'

The perfect solution?

Poetica will be at the annual Pescadero Barn Sale!    I'm taking a whole bunch of cool furniture, chairs, objects and art to show.  All I know is that I'm on a charming street called Stage Road  - which will have a bunch of other great vendors.   I'm already hoping this becomes a new tradition!   

*The shop on Sac St will be closed on Sat. July 18th for this special one day event.  If I can follow  up with anyone I missed please call or email me.                                                                        Always happy to get back to ya.   415-637-5837

Spring Hours! Now open Sundays 1-5

by Traci Teraoka

in celebration of life and love and LIGHT Poetica will stay open  Sundays 1ish-5pm.   Stop by!   ( I had to add the 'ish' as I had super slow brunch service recently.  A  good reminder why Sundays should be slow and easy.  )

Poetica Art and Antiques wants YOU!

by Traci Teraoka

I have so much cool inventory!  Vintage Furniture, contemporary art and unique objects for home GALORE!    I'm loving how the warm vintage woods mix so well with the industrial metals.  + a new shipment of Rickshaw Grocery totes and musette totes have arrived!  The shop looks great :-)

And if ever you are looking for a special piece of furniture for home or office please let me know.  I keep a notebook dedicated to Poetica's customer's wish list and specific needs.  

I'll sign off with a quick Rumi Poem that is in  my little office area: Happiness is more important than wealth.  May millions of mercies rain on your dancing.   

Feeling grateful & wishing everyone a happy holiday

by Traci Teraoka

Recently my little shop was embraced by so many people at once it made me take a step back.  Suddenly Francesca Kennedy's jewelry, Suzanne Moulton's animal sculptures -  fox paintings and wire angels, Andrea Speer Hibbard's 1,000 Monks, each held their own audience at the same time. Vintage and antique furniture were selling at the same time contemporary art work was selling. All at once.  It made me feel so grateful to have people connect to the shop and find treasures for themselves, their homes and their loved one's.  Thank you for finding Poetica and looking for treasures within.    xo Traci

Sacramento Street Holiday Stroll!

by Traci Teraoka

Dear Santa

Please come out to Sacramento Street this Sat. to hear what little boys and girls want this year for Christmas.   We'll have a comfortable environment set up for you at Dottie Doolittle And Acuity Vision.   And Santa, Could you also send PINK SANTA?   Shabby Chic Couture would like to host him and have decorated their store for the occasion.  Since I'm asking, please arrange to have the University High School music dept come out and share some cool jazz and acapelo singing for all to hear.  Am I asking too much?   My fellow merchants are All hosting their own festive parties to celebrate the season and to welcome our neighbors, friends and favorite customers and especially YOU.   Cool fun things happening all afternoon on Sacramento Street!