Now Available! Suzanne Moulton's wonderful handmade sock animals

by Traci Teraoka in , ,

Tracy stopped by Poetica and was greeted with a whole collection of adorable handmade creatures.   She dove in and enjoyed them all.  By the time she left she had her favorites too. 

I am pleased as pudding to share this wonderful collection of handmade critters with you.   They are each made from scratch.   It is Suzanne Moulton's respect for the animal kingdom combined with her thoughtful approach to sculpture, painting and textile arts that makes each one possible. They each come with a special adoption certificate too.  

Red Panda, Red Fox, Long eared Bat, South American Ant Eater, Greater Glider ( little marsupial from Australia), ring tailed Lemur, Argyle Crocodile, Argyle Giraffe and Argyle Winged Rabbit.  Made from socks with vintage button eyes, felt, $75. each.