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148 Petaluma Boulevard North
Petaluma, CA, 94952
United States


Poetica Art and Antiques is located in the middle of the Sacramento Street shopping district in Presidio Heights, SF. Antique to mid-century furniture.  Contemporary art and a eclectic mix of decorative accessories. Featured California artist.: Francesca Kennedy jewelry, Andrea Speer Hibbard's '1,000 Monks',  Suzanne Moulton's wonderful animal sculptures,  Christopher Turner's exquisite photograph,'Milky Way over Sea Ranch' photograph and Sara Dykstra's art and photography, Nancy Selvin.  New additions: Robert Kuo's repousse sculpture and Joan Takayama Ogawa's sculptural tea towers.

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Feeling grateful & wishing everyone a happy holiday

Traci Teraoka

Recently my little shop was embraced by so many people at once it made me take a step back.  Suddenly Francesca Kennedy's jewelry, Suzanne Moulton's animal sculptures -  fox paintings and wire angels, Andrea Speer Hibbard's 1,000 Monks, each held their own audience at the same time. Vintage and antique furniture were selling at the same time contemporary art work was selling. All at once.  It made me feel so grateful to have people connect to the shop and find treasures for themselves, their homes and their loved one's.  Thank you for finding Poetica and looking for treasures within.    xo Traci