Shopping Small

by Traci Teraoka

Commercial retailers are HUGE Machines.  They started putting Christmas decor on the floor right after Halloween.  WHOA NELLY!  People openly resented being forced into Christmas prematurely.   I'm happy to report Sacramento Street's business district has tons of character and an abundance of great local businesses which honor the holiday season as it's happening.            (what a concept!)  STYLE galore! CHARMING & GREAT WINDOW SHOPPING & BEST GIFTS.  

Amex kicks off the season with Shop Small today.  I'm in Nashville visiting my family.   I spent part of the day in the wonderful little town of Franklin and SHOPPED SMALL. Boy, did that ever feel good and I found some great gifts that will be easy to pack in my luggage.  Where ever you are please find time to enjoy the season, shop small when you are able and find joy wherever you are. 

Thank you for your encouragement and support of Poetica the past 4 years.   I look forward to seeing many of you in Dec. and in the New Year.                     Traci & Huckleberry the shop dog