Responses from the salon post question: What is your idea of happiness

by POETICA Art and Antiques

 ...."peace in my heart. blue sky, the bay area landscape, friends, family and birthdays." Traci,"Knowing yourself" Elizabeth,  "Sacramento St." Denis,  "staying home with nowhere to go " Hilary, "being comfortable and knowing those you love are comfortable" Rick, "today" Marc, "family" Tom, "time to pursue things at your own pace" Dan, "sports" Alex, "health, rest,family & friends" Jaime, "a warm bath when I am chilled" Pat, "My family" Duke, "loving and being loved" Laura, "contentment, warmth, nature and love" Tim P,  " an abundance of family & friends" Kathleen, "food and friends" Brian and this one "Happiness is a lot like pornography at the Supreme Court; it's hard to reliably describe, but I know it when I see it" lk.