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148 Petaluma Boulevard North
Petaluma, CA, 94952
United States


Poetica Art and Antiques is located in the middle of the Sacramento Street shopping district in Presidio Heights, SF. Antique to mid-century furniture.  Contemporary art and a eclectic mix of decorative accessories. Featured California artist.: Francesca Kennedy jewelry, Andrea Speer Hibbard's '1,000 Monks',  Suzanne Moulton's wonderful animal sculptures,  Christopher Turner's exquisite photograph,'Milky Way over Sea Ranch' photograph and Sara Dykstra's art and photography, Nancy Selvin.  New additions: Robert Kuo's repousse sculpture and Joan Takayama Ogawa's sculptural tea towers.

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The Season of Giving

POETICA Art and Antiques

Welcome! Here's a photo of my brand new sign!   New Bohemia Signs is terrific - so grateful to have their help and support with great signage.  

The best gifts of the season at Poetica:

Andrea Speer Hibbard's 1,000 Monks signed print. Santa Rosa.   $85 for the print and $330 for the framed version.  A lovely woman just bought 5 to gift in Istanbul. It's an original, not mass copied beloved print that conveys incredible joy and sweetness.   We have about 20 prints and 4 framed available.  There is a close up a few posts back.

Francesca Kennedy Jewelry.   San Rafael.  if you've seen her work you understand.  Warm earthy metals mixed with semiprecious bits.  Grounded, refined beauty that is easy to wear.   The necklaces run from $120 - $220 and the earrings are $80 each.  I'll update what we have in Poetica currently. 

Becca Smdit Handmade Lenticulars.  San Francisco.    A photograph of bright colorful lights that shimmer and sparkle as you walk past them.  12" x 12"  $250.  6" x 6" 130.    4"x 4" 105.Sepia toned Vintage ballerina 3" x 3" $105, Divers - 4 in row - chromatic changes. 3" h x 12 long.  $225.   All matted on a block of wood or wood box for a present that is both orginal art and object d'art.

Suzanne Moulton's whimsical animal sculptures and creative handmade animal gifts. San Francisco.  Suzanne makes anthropormorphic creations using wire, fabric, beads and stones, ceramic and paint.   Mama Llama, baby llama, White bison  are made with metal, fur, ceramic,paint. ($275, $265) Two sock puppets Argyle Rhinoceras and Winged Swamp Bunny both come with thier own certificates of Originality.$90.  Dingo and various cat fleecy hot water bottle holders ( includes water heater)$50.