ReInvent 2013

by POETICA Art and Antiques

I needed a spiritual Sunday to kick off my new year. 

I chose to spend it at the amazing East Bay Church of Religious Science in Oakland.  Rev. E  filled the room with her positive, authentic and funny ministry invoking the wise words of Marianne Williamson, Louise Hayes and Alice Walker along the way - it was inspiring and it came with a couple of things to practice in our daily lives.  Here's number one:

Set your intention and be accountable to it.   Rather than start the year with false promises to ourselves and others let us set a singular focus on improving our lives and those around us.  And "if you want change stop complaining about the turbulance."

I want a sustainable business and a more balanced home life.  There is a list of things I need to do to make it happen 'my way' and of course the countless things that will knock me off my base as I reach for it.   I'll share with you how it goes and hope you share your stories as well.