Winter Sun - A New Year Begins at Poetica

by POETICA Art and Antiques

Greetings!   I'm here in San Francisco on yet another Beautiful day.....  This is unusual, especially during el nino years.  They say my holiday photo post and e.e.cummings poem about snowfall were the only signs of snow in Northern California....

Nevertheless, it is Winter.  A time of quieter, shorter days as nature rests and restores prior to Spring.   Poetica honors this season with unique and beautiful objects for your home and soul.   New furniture arrivals such as two elegant Baker Hamilton mid-century Art Deco bedside table and petite chest of drawers, a handsome Regency-style desk and two extension wings, a Mahogany sarcophagus style Napoleon-era tea caddy and a pristine 1950's solid chrome coctail shaker.  Beautiful and interesting!

That's just a peek   -- there is more to share.

My commitment to keep it interesting and select continues - come see the new additions, vignettes and say hello! 

Traci at Poetica