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148 Petaluma Boulevard North
Petaluma, CA, 94952
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Poetica Art and Antiques is located in the middle of the Sacramento Street shopping district in Presidio Heights, SF. Antique to mid-century furniture.  Contemporary art and a eclectic mix of decorative accessories. Featured California artist.: Francesca Kennedy jewelry, Andrea Speer Hibbard's '1,000 Monks',  Suzanne Moulton's wonderful animal sculptures,  Christopher Turner's exquisite photograph,'Milky Way over Sea Ranch' photograph and Sara Dykstra's art and photography, Nancy Selvin.  New additions: Robert Kuo's repousse sculpture and Joan Takayama Ogawa's sculptural tea towers.

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Meet the artist: Andrea Speer Hibbard

Traci Teraoka

'1,000 Monks'.   I'm honored to be one of the few shops in Northern California that sells this wonderful piece of artwork.   Andrea's framer has done a beautiful job on the matting and framing  - together they form a beautiful, and yet affordable, piece of artwork that is packed with joy and meaningfulness. 

I've heard people comment, "it's the 'Where's Waldo' of Monks prints" and "from afar it looks like a tapestry or prayer rug."  As the piece pulls you in---- you start to see the individuality of each figure as they stand in unison.  The beautifully framed and signed giclee print measures 16.75" x 20". 

Andrea visited the shop in May and I shot this 3 minute video of her describing the process of making the piece.  I'm excited to share this with you - as I know the piece means a lot of those who own it and who enjoy it.   Andrea has given me her blessing on posting the video. 


Traci Teraoka


I'm getting lots of new pieces in the shop! 

I'm updating and adding lots of inventory to the site.  I want you to be able to "see in" better and know what's new and available!  If you have any questions please reach out!  I'm friendly and helpful (this could be an understatement.)  

Furniture Update: In store and on the site you're going to see a mix of interesting, handy side tables each with their own style.  Classic French tables, petite antique bookcases, and an English bamboo vanity, cool Mid-century bars,  brass and chrome metal desk lamps, vintage letters and more.   On the modern side: black woven leather dining chairs. a handsome and a very  comfortable metallic grayish taupe leather sofa that has a Mad Men look to it.  Contemporary photography and art in a range of mediums--- the whole shop is full of eclectic pieces from antique to modern furnishings and art with tons of personality and style.   

And get this: No Assembly Required!   Legs are attached...  Arms are attached.... No instructions needed and no styrofoam.  

I like well made furniture made of materials that will outlive us.  I agree with the person who said, "with really good pieces you are renting them vs. buying them."  You get to be one of the owners in a lineage of people who enjoy the piece as much as you do. Adding in a mix of style and comfort pulls it together beautifully.