I emerge from a background in furniture, antiques and art and have held many responsibilities for businesses and nonprofits over my 25-year professional life.  My education and training stems from an Art history degree from U.C.S.C.  For the past 15 years,  I have devoted my time and energy to helping others by creating beautiful environments in hospice, palliative care centers and hospitals.   I did this using the philosophy of design and intention that I have distilled from my own perspective & from my teachers and mentors in design and antiques.

For years people have tried to purchase this look – but it wasn’t for sale.   In opening this store, my hope is that the passerby might stop and look in --- and the inquisitive can’t resist coming in…. and those willing and eager indulge themselves ---- purchasing and adding to their own home environments with unique and meaningful acquisitions. 

 I would also like to note that I am equally committed to community.    I currently serve several community roles: a board member of the Presidio Heights Neighborhood Association,  Maitri AIDS Hospice Advisor,  N.E.R.T coordinator for Presidio Heights ( I could use some help here neighbors!)  and most recently interim Chair for the  Richmond Police Community Advisory Board.  Whew.  It's all good and the goal is to share preparedness and safety tips to get through this wild and wonderful life.

Please let me know if I can assist you in your design and furniture needs or help you create an emergency kit for your home.   Don't be shy!


Traci Teraoka